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Summer Camp Job Canoe on Lake MySummers® is a division of Camp Finders ®, a referral service for campers. We have been visiting overnight camps since 1994, (approximately 175 camps), and placing children in the appropriate camps over this time period. Camp Finders ® personally meets with camp directors and recommends only camps and directors that meet its high standards.

Many of the summer camps that subscribe to MySummers® are camps that Camp Finders® has visited. What this means is that you, the applicant, will be in contact with quality camps and directors. Finding camp jobs at quality camps is made easy by the unique e-mail system at My Summers.

There is no cost to the applicant as camps subscribe to MySummers on a yearly basis.

Your time is valuable. It is easy and efficient to apply through MySummers®. By registering with MySummers®, you will be in direct contact with a large number of camp directors who are actively looking to hire for a variety of camp jobs.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

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Fill out an application once and have it sent immediately to a large number of camps across the country.

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MySummers is completely free for individuals looking for employment at a summer camp.

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We at MySummers are in regular contact with the camps and camp directors who have subscribed to our service to ensure applicants are applying to high quality camps.